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Cudio's Odoo Implementation Journey: 
From Identification to Review

Cudio's Odoo Implementation Journey: 
From Identification to Review

Who We Are For
Elevate Your Odoo Experience with Proven Implementation Experts
Growth Change
​ A new business that is growing quickly, and needs guidance on their tech and business processes to achieve their goals.
Evolving Systems
Businesses with a large and complex tech-stack and ERP that are looking to modernize to a leading SaaS solution. 
Rebuilding Structures
You are a complex and profitable business that has implemented Odoo, but have issues and need support to get your team and your tech back on track
Aviation & Automotive
Food & Beverage
Who We Work With

Are We a Good Fit for You?

Category One 
Growth Change
  • Rapidly growing business, juggling multiple systems 
  • Evaluating your needs for short-term and long-term priorities
  • You need an expert who understands your business and tech
  • You need clarity, structure, and systems in place 
Category Two
Evolving Systems
  • Large multi-national business 
  • Complex tech stack and ERP, looking to maintain a competitive advantage
  • Requires guidance from a trustworthy and expert source
  • You are willing to explore options that can lead to long-term success
  • Looking to move to a more modern, leading-edge SaaS solution
Category Three 
Rebuilding Structures
  • Current Odoo user and understands it's value 
  • You’ve found a series of tech problems, and need to act 
  • You understand complex systems take time to complete
  • You are open to new concepts and ways of thinking
  • You understands the importance of tech and simplifying business processes
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