We Know how to Transform Complex Businesses

We’ve successfully grown our own omnichannel business using Odoo, and now we’ve built a team that brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to your project. 

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Our Story

Our Focus: 

Construct the Bridge between Tech and Business

We aren't just a team that's used the product in the business world, but a team that has built two Odoo Gold partners from the ground up, and are now working on building our third.

Born out of necessity, Cudio was founded by experienced business owners who recognized the need for better service from Odoo partners in managing their own complex multinational business. Led by a team of seasoned professionals with backgrounds in IT, finance, and senior management, we bring a wealth of expertise and knowledge to the table. After years of working in different countries and industries, the founders settled in North America and acquired a complex wholesale and distribution business catering to the grocery and retail sectors in the US and Canada.

As our business expanded, so did our IT requirements, prompting a thorough evaluation of ERP solutions like SAP, Netsuite, Sage, and more. We couldn’t find the right fit until we discovered and implemented Odoo for ourselves, allowing us to successfully grow our omnichannel business, catering to both large, demanding grocery clients and smaller mom-and-pop shops.Our ultimate goal is to serve as a guiding pillar for complex, multinational, and omnichannel businesses, enabling them to thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape with the power of Odoo technology.

Who We Are

Bridging business and technology, our proprietary processes and systems will streamline your operations, enhance customer experience, and ensure analytical integrity - allowing you to make confident, data-driven business decisions.

Our Executive Team

Gordon Cummins, CEO

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A visionary leader streamlining businesses through SaaS, Industry 4.0, and Modern ERP solutions. With a rich global background spanning IT, financial services, life sciences, and distribution, Gordon excels as a change-agent, navigating regulated industries. His strategic prowess extends from sales, marketing, finance, and IT to operations, deal-making, and restructuring, while fostering robust relationships with stakeholders. 

Julie Kossivas, CTO

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With 25+ years of experience spanning application engineering, senior software development, software design leadership, and technical direction, Julie ensures seamless technology alignment with business objectives. Armed with a Bachelor's in Engineering from McGill University, her core competencies lie in leadership, agile project management, software engineering, development, and design.

Amy Kossivas, CFO

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An accomplished Finance and HR Professional (CPA-CA) with a wealth of experience encompassing ERP implementation, accounting, budgeting, forecasting, financial analysis, and purchasing. Renowned for expertise in recruitment, market research, incentive scheme design, salary and benefits surveys, and HR-focused projects. With a background as a senior auditor at KPMG Canada and roles as a manager in financial reporting at Novartis Canada, a Human Resources consultant, HR Business analyst, and Director of Finance and HR, Amy brings a versatile skillset to the table. Her academic qualifications include a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting, a Graduate Diploma in Accountancy, and an HRM in Human Resources.

Companies We've Helped Mold and
Technologies that we've migrated to Odoo

Companies We've Helped Mold and
Technologies that we've migrated to Odoo


Our Mission is to become the premier Odoo partner for complex, multinational, and omnichannel businesses.


Our Vision is to deliver leading-edge business and technology experience, setting the industry standard for our customers.

Why We Work Well

Elevate Your Odoo Experience with Proven Implementation Experts

Skill Sets

Our executive team combines diverse skill sets, including executive-level expertise, finance and HR proficiency with empathy, and technical knowledge, enabling comprehensive decision-making and a well-rounded approach to meet client needs.

 A Balanced Approach

Our executive team maintains a balanced approach in their roles and decision-making, combining their professionalism with empathy, ensuring clients receive both expertise and a supportive experience throughout their journey with Cudio.

 Collaborative Synergy

Our executive team embraces collaboration, leveraging their collective strengths and perspectives to drive success, foster innovation, and deliver exceptional results for clients.

 Shared Values 
and Vision

Our executive team is united by a shared vision and values centred around professionalism, excellence, and client-centricity, leading to a cohesive approach that prioritizes client satisfaction and delivers top-notch service.

​​​Our Skilled team has led 50+ Complex Implementations 
and Counting


We focus on collaboration and a strong team effort alongside our stakeholders.


We are straightforward in our approach, always being upfront and transparent with our customers.


We are dedicated to doing great work, and doing it right the first time.


We maintain a strong commitment of excellence to our clients, being confident in our approach.

Hard Work

We know how to get the job done, and have the dedication and experience to see it through.

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