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​We aim to guide our clients through their digital transformation journey using Odoo's powerful capabilities. 

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How we Work
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​We prioritize delivering exceptional customer quality and value by working closely with a limited number of clients at a time.

Validate, Test, Train
Systems Matter

Included in our team of 22, we have four Chartered Accountants and two pilots; we meticulously leave nothing to chance.

Your livelihood, that of your customers, and your team is at stake.  

We don't take that lightly. Dive deeper into how we implement our projects below.  

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How We Implement Odoo: 
Key Project Phases

1. Identification

During the sales process, it is as much about the client evaluating whether we are a good fit to support them in their project, as we are understanding if we are the best solution for them.  

We don't take all clients who are interested in working with us.  It is important that we only work on projects where the fit is right and we know the chemistry is in place to lead to a successful project.

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2. Analysis

Every project starts with a Gap Analysis phase.  We are rigorous in documenting and understanding your use cases.

If the workflows that you need are not configurable in Odoo we will look at options to close these gaps in the following order:

1. Workarounds - Is there another way to close the gap using standard Odoo? We keep the implementation as standard and simple as possible.

2. Odoo Marketplace Apps - Are there high-quality apps in the marketplace that meet your needs?

3. Customization & Development - If neither of the above closes the gap, then we will create Development Specifications for our highly skilled development team to code what is needed.  This is always a last resort, as we want to keep your Odoo instance as uncomplicated as possible. 

3. Configuration

Once we know how we will be closing the gaps, we create the hosting instance, production and test environments, develop the System Architecture, load modules, and marketplace apps, configure settings, and code developments.  

With that done, we'll import your primary- and cut-over master data ready for testing your Use Cases.

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4. Validate, Test & Train

When the configuration is complete, it is time to test all of your workflows in a test environment.  We work closely with your Super Users to run their Use Cases through the system to ensure we get the expected results.  We tweak and configure as necessary and then once the team signs off on the workflows, the project team creates the documents and procedures that your end users will be trained on.

5. Launch

With the team fully trained and all configurations and master data moved to the production environment, we will conduct a mock cutover to check the system's readiness for Go-live.  We'll perform one last set of checks and then manage the cut-over data migration, coming on-site if necessary to ensure that all goes smoothly.  It is critical to carefully monitor transactions in the first few days and weeks - our team of CPAs will have their checklists ready.

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6. Review

In true Six Sigma and Lean fashion, we are all about continuous improvement.  One month after Go-Live we will conduct an internal Post-Mortem and then hold a review session with the client to see what worked well and what didn't.  Process improvement learnings are reviewed by the Cudio team and implemented ASAP, improving our processes moving forward. 

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