Case Study:
Simons Shoes

​A legendary shoe company born in 1892 that implemented Odoo and Rithum to take their family run business to the next level.

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Based in Boston, Massachusetts and after 132 years of creation, Simons Shoes has grown fast in the last few years. Whereby the owner were eager to upgrade their tech stack for something that could easily handle their complex e-commerce and retail business. 

Simons Shoes become the first company where we implemented Odoo and Rithum to provide seamless e-commerce and ERP integration allowing for expansion into more marketplaces while requiring less man hours.

The Story

Here's how it Happened

Industry: E-Commerce, Retail

Scope: Inventory organization, Expand into more market places, Reduce the time required to do both.

Size: 20+

Country: USA

After the implementation, they:​

  1. Have increased operational efficiency, shipping more orders with less people
  2. Have gained visibility into crucial parts of their business need to make data driven decisions. 
  3. Understand their tech stack and feel confident they have the tools to scale their business. 

Simons Shoes increased its sales in only months after implementation through the powerful combination of Rithum and Odoo. 

The biggest advantage of this project was that expanding their reach and sales volume hasn't required any additional payroll or man power to accomplish. Odoo houses all their Product Information and publishes it to the Rithum platform with ease. Rithum has opened up their options to 420 marketplaces that can be managed in a single system.

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